Zippo Lighter Laser engraving – AWESOME Armor Edition

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Zippo Lighter Laser engraving of my own AWESOME ARMOR EDITION. I deep engrave this beauty after my own drawings and design.

I take a Brushed Brass Zippo Armor Edition which is thicker than a regular one. This makes it perfect for deep laser engraving. First, I do some sketches directly on the lighter until I am satisfied. After that I draw directly on paper and scan it into my computer.

I then process the drawings in multiple programs and cut it out in pieces to fit the specific sides of the Zippo lighter. I use 5 different images to engrave this one. Front, front edge, back, back edge and top of lid.

The laser engraving burns the lighter, so I polish the lighter to nearly mirror blank again and shortly after I add special wax to give it some old patina.

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