Testosterone Supplements

Created on June 28, 2020 at 6:14 am by Bob Wilson

There’s been a lot of controversy recently about testosterone supplements for men. These are products often given as an ointment on the skin that are designed to raise testosterone which is now commonly called low tea there are now advertisements on television promoting testosterone products but there are issues and the FDA is now looking at testosterone because of concerns that taking testosterone may increase the risk for blood clots, heart attack, and stroke.

We urge caution for men who are considering taking testosterone some men who are now getting these products don’t really have low testosterone there’s a lot of controversy about how low a blood level of testosterone is low enough to require treatment and like any drug or any therapy there are probably hazards as well as benefits if you feel better taking testosterone.

If your level is truly low then it may be a reasonable approach but I would be very careful and make certain that you get the best possible advice from your physician regardless of whether you’re taking testosterone or not don’t start any medication or stop medication without talking to your doctor it’s always good to get medical advice about these matters testosterone is controversial there are benefits but there may well be risks.


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