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Getting a career in law enforcement is worth every second (or month) you have to spend in the hiring process to get it. But lets not kid ourselves, you want your career to start, well…yesterday.

So not wasting any un-necessary time in the hiring process is probably pretty important to you. Well, you aren’t alone. Every applicant feels the same way, but the only thing they know to do is just be patient.

But there are some tricks you can do to keep the whole process streamlined

The reason that the hiring process can drag on and on is simple. There are hundreds even thousands of applicants competing for a single position. Well there isn’t a single agency on the planet that has the capacity to run hundreds of applicants through the hiring process at the same time.

This means that only a few move through at a time. If you aren’t one of the first, you sit and wait until the people in front of you are eliminated or get hired. If they get hired, you just hope there more open positions.

So you see that it’s absolutely crucial for you to be in that first group of applicants to move through hiring process. But actually doing this is the big trick. But don’t worry there are things you can do to help ensure this.

I’m going to fill you in on just a couple. But there are some resources out there that will give you many many more.

For starters, how does the agency select who gets into that first group of applicants? Well generally here’s how it works…

A big group of applicants goes through the physical agility testing and written test together. Then those who pass both are eligible to move on to the next phase. The key word being “eligible”.

If there are 500 applicants and 300 pass both the physical agility and written tests, that is still way more than any agency can handle at a time. In fact most average size agencies can only work on 5-10 applicants at a time. So how do they pick from those 300.

At this point in the hiring process the agency really doesn’t know much about each applicant. So they have to use some kind of fair method. They look at the written test scores. The top scorers move on first.

So no matter how great a law enforcement officer you would make, if you don’t score well on that written test, you might never get the chance to show it. Or if you do, you might have to wait a long time.

So scoring high the written test is crucial. This should be your first area of focus when setting out to get your law enforcement career.

Make sure you have a resource to give you all the secrets to moving through the hiring process fast and also preparing you for all the phases!

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