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Spyderco Native: I was very impressed with this knife when Eric Glesser showed it to me at Shot Show 2015, and I had to make it mine. It does not disappoint. ———————- Buy your [More]
This new edition of Spyderco’s popular Paramilitary 2 features Crucible’s very impressive S110v steel. I cover the appeal of the PM2, look at CPM S110v’s datasheet, weigh in on the “burple” scales, and discuss fit [More]
If the word epic could be described as a “series of great achievements” then that description is appropriated for the Spyderco Sage series. Featuring different locking mechanisms from well known and respected knife makers, the [More]
Several options from Spyderco including the Tenacious, Endura and Paramilitary 2. Great knives to include in your kits or carry every day. Support my channel when you buy this product on Amazon: Living Survival [More]
The regular Spyderco Endura 4 is an excellent blade but in my earlier review I termed it “Slightly Imperfect.” While the Sabre grind is strong I do not think it ideal and it gives the [More] Sal Glesser (founder of Spyderco) and his son, Eric, sat down with me at the SHOT Show 2016 in Las Vegas to talk about counterfeits, their backgrounds, legacies, and a lot more. We’re in [More]
Please visit my website at for more information about me as well as gallery of my work, shop, suppliers and details on how to send donations for the video tutorials if you would like [More]
Jerry, along with pro knife fighting instructor Michael Janich, show off the Spyderco Yojimbo 2 series of knives. A knife designed by Mr. Janich himself as the ultimate self defense and combat knife! LIKE [More]